“You can actually drink the water!”
“For one event…300 ton of water!”
Every event, 300 ton is being used

They even make the audience pay for the raincoat and plastic bags

(t/n: the text said that it’s better to have a raincoat because if you wear a ponytail and it gets wet, it hurts if you get slapped by it)
We’re not talking about 1 or 2 shows, but it’s a month long concert with 15 shows.
It used to be a lot of fun in the past, but with the environmental changes and the droughts nowadays, it’s making me think a lot
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1. The number of shows is oba
2. It’s not like we’re going to these concerts to be hit with water, there’s no need to have it anymore
3. I can let it pass for 1 show, but he’s doing it for over a month? Even without the drought, this is oba
4. He really doesn’t worry one bit about the environment nor the current situation
5. Even the plastic rain coats… It’s a legendary waste.. F*ck hundreds of thousands of citizens are working hard protecting the environment but what’s the meaning if he’s going to act like that?
6. I thought it was only for 1 or 2 concerts, but he’s doing that for over a month?;; He should hold concerts that are appropriate for the generation, he never thought it was about time to change?
7. The droughts this year is so severe
8. I’m more amazed at people using the environment to hate on Psy
9. Using 300 ton is just oba
10. This means he’ll be using 4500 ton, it’s freaking oba…;;

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