No 1 is at least a visual member but he got caught with his girlfriend

No 2 has no presence
No 3 Lee Daehwi
No 4 is a male idol but he doesn’t manage himself
No 5 got kicked out after committing DUI so he’s not in the picture
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1. [+220, -26]
3 of them were produce Produce and 2 of them were in Wanna One. What’s worse is that one of them was even the center. Seeing what’s happening to them right now really makes me realize how solid was Produce’s bubble…
2. [+166, -34]
Park Woojin said that he manages himself but his face hasn’t gotten better
3. [+124, -15]
What’s with the “No 3 Lee Daehwi”? F*ckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+82, -3]
I’m not a fan but this is a it… isn’t this too much?
5. [+42, -34]
The reason why AB6ix are the best:
1. They didn’t get any company back up and debuted with their skills
2. Even though their popularity decreased because of the scandalous member, they are still above average
3. The members all composed and wrote lyrics of their album. Especially Lee Daehwi, he composed a lot of other singers’ songs
4. There’s no singer who isn’t close with them. You can make a 100 episodes talk show about AB6ix’s connections
5. Their songs are f*cking good
6. Their side songs can all be title songs
7. They are mannerly and have good senses so they have positive responses in the variety world. They are praised by staffs
8. Their sunbae singers all look at the prettily but there’s a reason for it!
9. A music critique said that their position compared to their skills was way lower. They said that they have such good musicality that it wouldn’t even be weird to see their name appear on Billboard right now.
10. They performed live ever since their debut stage
11. They pulled off their live in their most recent comeback from the first stage to the radio shows
12. Their live is f*cking good even with all the dancing
13. They performed live throughout their 4 hours concert and 3.5 hours fan meeting
14. Is there anything more perfect that singers who are talented, gifted, sincere, mannerly, have good personalities and who are receiving positive feedbacks? Even music critics and their co-workers have acknowledged them so f*ck, who are you guys who don’t even listen to their music to judge them?ㅋㅋㅋ

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