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Then are they considered big companies? So now, we have the Big7!?!?!?!
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1. Not sure, when people are praising mid-sized companies, CUBE and Starship are always omitted but I don’t think they are big companies either
2. They are big companies but not at the same time
3. Back then, when people mentioned Pledis among mid-sized companies, so many people said that they were not so doesn’t that mean that CUBE and Starship are also not mid-sized companies???
> Pleadis is HYBE so I think people say this because they are inside a big company
4. Starship is under Kakao
5. But isn’t Starship a Kakao company?? And isn’t Kakao considered big in the entertainment industry??
6. I think that people just rate them bigger or smaller based on their own preference
7. Aren’t they “famous” mid-sized companies?
8. Aren’t they between mid and big companies? To be considered big, not only does your company’s name need to be known, but your idols’ names too
9. It’s true that Starship is associated with Kakao but is that enough to qualify as a “big” company?….
10. If they have big name value, then I don’t think that they are mid-sized companies

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