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Please SM, stop it with giving idols who can’t act the lead roles…ㅠ
Can’t she just play a side character? Why always the leadㅋㅋ
She should at least be Seo Hyunjin, Eugene, Do Kyungsoo and Yoona’s level
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1. [+315, -14]
Seo Hyunjin and Do Kyungsoo are truly the hard working casesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seo Hyunjin and Do Kyungsoo started from taking side character roles meanwhile Joy strangely gets handed the lead roles all the time
2. [+295, -10]
Seo Hyunjin debuted as an idol from SM but acts so flawlessly… Why Her is so fun to watch
3. [+228, -26]
Whenever Joy appears in a drama, she gets buried by other actresses’ visuals and acting skills… Just why do they always give her the lead role? Seriously hate aside, if she wasn’t from SM and a rookie from a new agency, would she receive this amount of push?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Stop always talking about her improving skills this and that, we all clearly know that this is all thanks to her backing..
4. [+147, -16]
Huh? A lead role again..?
5. [+134, -203]
Who cares? It’s the producer who wants her as a lead. You guys are f*cking mocking her..
6. [+103, -9]
Seriously aside from those 4, SM has no good actors…
7. [+92, -50[
Meanwhile even Yeri is a better actress than Joyㅋㅋ… But Seo Hyunjin was seriously the miracle of SM actors
8. [+91, -1]
Do they not have acting teachers for such a big company?
Acting skills aside, no matter how much you suck, at least you need good enunciation
But her enunciation is f*cking crumblingㅋㅋㅋ Because of her nasal voice, I can’t even feel the tonality of her script…ㅋㅋ
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1. [+117, -2]
When she uses that in singing, her voice is nice to listen to but when she uses it for acting, it just disturbs everything
2. [+101, -4]
For real… Even idols with above average acting have the common trait of having good enunciation..ㅠ
3. [+98, -8]
For real, I don’t like any of those whiny noises in RV, but Yeri’s voice is the nicest
4. [+51, -3]
It’s true that she sucks at acting, so can they stop insisting that this isn’t true..
5. [+50, -6]
It’s not like she uses her expressions well either. And her pronunciation is so nasally that it’s not fit for acting. Her visuals are also flat, so is her voice color. She’s perfect as an idol, why do they always push her into acting? SM is always giving her the lead role but it’ll just get her hate
6. [+41, -0]
They’re all akward, SM stop using your power
7. [+36, -7]
Joy shines the most when she’s an idol, she has that natural beauty type and she has a gorgeous aura, but when she is put next to an actress, the camera doesn’t work in her favor anymore and she just looks so so. I watched the drama she appeared in with Moon Gayoung and I honestly thought that Moon Gayoung was the lead… She’s pretty when she smiles and she’s the cutie sexy type so she’s way better off being an idol, she can show us more sides of her

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