On the 7th, several online communities posted photos of cafes and restaurants with information about a so-called ‘Care Kids Zone.’
The notice says ‘All spaces here are Care Kids Zone’. There is only one condition. Customers with children must proactively take care of the children, and the parents are solely responsible for accidents caused by negligence.
“In addition, we are asking customers not to yell and swear at employees when they impose sanctions.”
In other stores’ Care Kids Zone notices, it is written, ‘Customers with children, please actively take care of your children’. They then explained that baby items such as baby chairs and cups were not prepared, and that if an accident occurs, the parents are also responsible.
Netizens’ reactions to such conditional notice were mixed.
Netizens who viewed it positively commented, “From the start, every space with children should theoretically be a Care Kids Zone. Even without notice”, “Of course, there would be people who only understand such thing with a notice posted”, “It’s much more reasonable than the No Kids Zone”, “It’s not like they’re telling you ‘don’t come’, you come and take care of your kids and take responsibility for them, but if you’re dissatisfied with that, just stay at home.”
On the other hand, netizens who made negative comments said, “If they don’t even want to provide tableware for children, isn’t this actually a No Kids Zone?”, “It is true that it’s a lack of consideration for not having a baby chair”, “You claim to be a Care Kids Zone, yet don’t even have basic necessities such as chairs, it makes me wonder if it’s really a care kids zone in the first place”
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1. Why should the store be the one to have to prepare a table, chair, bib, etc. for your brat? Why wouldn’t you take care of it? Looks like there are f*cking lots of people who lose their shame and throw away their manners once they get a kid
2. No Kids Zone-> No Kids Zone offends people -> Care Parents Zone-> Why are you scolding me bullsh*t-> Becomes a normal store again -> Children’s tableware, children’s chairs Are! A! Must! Gaslight people into feeling bad for not having these “basic requirements” -> Stores now have to take care of your own kids -> Even after taking care of your own kids, the parents will still find something dissatisfactory with it
3. So many crazy parents in this world~
4. Of course it’s nice to have baby chairs provided, but to expect every stores to have them is a bit..ㅋㅋ
5. People complained because of No Kids Zone and now that we’re listening to them and introducing Care Kids Zone, they complain againㅋㅋSeriously…
6. Baby chairs? F*ck then how many of them do we need to buy? Even if the stores buy 5 baby chairs, they’ll complain again if it’s still lacking
7. Why must we provide baby chairs…? Even in those aesthetic cafes, normal customers are sitting in impossible chairs to sit on to fit in the vibes
8. Looking at them swearing at Care Kids Zone, I can understand why No Kids Zone is a thing
9. Just stay home
10. Huh? They already made No Kids Zones look bad, now that cafes resorted to Care Kids Zone, they’re protesting about the need to have baby tableware and chairs? Then what’s next? Care Kids Zones notices are just there to send a warning to parents

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