Last year in 2021, those were the criteria for the nominees:

Gaon Chart criteria
Sales 60%, Judge 40%
Period: 2020 November ~ 2021 November
Below are the albums that have sold over 1M copies from December 2021 to June 2022
(not ranked in order of sales, doesn’t include kit versions)
NCT 2021
NCT Dream
Stray Kids
Seventeen 2.23M
Im Youngwoong
Those are the teams who are guaranteed to surpass 1M if they plan to comeback this year
BTS Proof
(Coming back tomorrow on June 10th)
Aespa Girls
Their pre-sales already reached 1M
NCT 127
Their previous album sold approx. 2.5M


Their previous album sold approx. 1.5M
Aside from them, there’s also Twice, ITZY, Enhypen, Treasure, etc.
Depending on the comeback sales, this list may vary
Even when you sell 1M, you still might not be able win a Physical award on Golden Disc.
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1. It’s hilarious seeing people talking about the environment hereㅋㅋㅋ Then why don’t you guys stop ordering things all together and go to the store and pick up your goods yourself?ㅠ
2. This is seriously getting out of hand
3. From a net domestic goods basis, seeing numbers like that is just strange and bizarre, but why are people unable to think about overseas market expansion too? From a company’s perspective, of course you’re looking into increasing the sales and you can just understand that this is how the current trends are shifting towards. They were simply able to hit the gold mine with their strategy. Stop being stuck on the past and stop pretending you care so much about inflation. It just makes you look outdated. Anyways, whether it’s the past or the present, there will always be people who are overconsuming
4. I really hope the culture around not listening to albums to the detriment of the environment stops soon
5. But nobody even know who these people are anymore. I haven’t watched Golden Disc in a while
6. The majority of people buy the album and never throw them away. It’ll only become trash when I die
7. Is there still any meaning to physical album sales anymore?
8. What’s the meaning to sell over 1M when nobody knows you in the general public?
9. Sorry Earth-yah
10. I don’t think BTS will receive the daesang this year due to the lack of songs released so I bet it will be Seventeen, or maybe next year
11. Even groups like Enhypen easily reached over 1M sales in their first week
12. Wow but why are albums selling that well nowadays?
13. No but why do we keep pretending like overseas fans don’t exist? We’re living in the global generation where KPOP is becoming more and more successful, who can help overseas fandom getting bigger? The fact that people find this strange is even stranger. Overseas fans are Nth times more numerous than domestic fans, that’s how well these groups are doing, so why ignore them? Sighㅋㅋㅋ  And to the people claiming that no matter how many version they sell, nobody will buy them, they have such a huge demand and you think they can’t sell? KPOP is even charting on Europe music charts nowadays, it’s dumbfounding seeing people not knowing anything and drag them because they’re ignorant
14. Instead of those digipack and jewelry versions, just try selling 1 version and let’s see how many folds it decreases the sales
15. BTS only has 1 version of an expensive commemorative album. They have also 1 version of a normal compact size album. So they only really have 2 versions. That makes them look so comparable to the other ones here.

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