2 years ago, 2 members debuted with NCT 2020
Let’s first look at the most severe one, Sungchan
He promoted on music broadcasts for 2 weeks with a song called 90’s Love
Afterwards, he never participated in other NCT songs.
Unless it was an year end award ceremony stage, he never performed anywhere else.
You think that he would surely promote since he appeared in NCT 2021 right? He didn’t.
He definitely participated in Beautiful which was a double-title song but they didn’t promote this song at all
“Personal schedule
SBS Inkigayo fixed MC 3/7/2021~

SBS Inkigayo fixed MC 3/27/2022~

2021 – Kangta Free To Fly (with Winter)

Allure March issue
Promotional ambassador:
MAEKYUG MEDIA GROUP – Promotional ambassador for M Clean
Dr. G – Model”
He doesn’t have a lot of personal promotions either
We only got to see his special stage through his MCing on Inkigayo and that’s about it

The other member who debuted in 2020 was Shotaro

He promoted for 2 weeks on music shows with a song called Make A Wish
He participated in year end statges.
??: Even so, he must’ve been in their 2021 title track right?
Yup, Taro was there
But since this song overlapped with the year end awards show, he promoted once on Inkigayo and that was it.
If you look up this song’s stages on YT, they were all from year end award shows.
At least in 2020, he performed for about 3-4 weeks in total from music shows + year end shows
But for this one, he barely performed for a week…
“Personal schedule
VOGUE August issue
NYLON July issue
FCMM x Wind and Sea – Special model’
Taro’s personal schedule record
And this were their participation in their self-made contents
NCT 2020 self-made content: both of them participated in less than 10 self-made contents on YT
Aren’t both of them from NCT? Why aren’t they promoting?
> Because they don’t have a fixed team
What’s a fixed team?
> Groups like 127 or WayV where they have fixed members. At least, you can call them a team. They also periodically get to promote.
It just means that the members are fixed.
Then where can these two promote?
> As of now, their only hope are albums like 2020 or 2021 where all the NCT members get together
Summary: Sungchan promoted for 2 weeks and Shotaro promoted for 3 weeks in their 3 years of career
SM isn’t taking care of the kids they are debuting and are denying them promotions
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1. I feel like the more NCT expands, the more you will have members like them so I bet that SM doesn’t even know which and which member has personal promotions and which and which member is being taken care of or not. They will probably promote the new members once in their full group promotion like right now. I just wonder how far they will go. Scary

2. Please take care of the members you have. The NCT system totally failedㅋㅋㅋㅋ just who wanted this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the existing fans hate it and because of the system, it’s so hard to get new fans. Just why are they so insistent in pushing this? The system sucked from the beginning and they can’t even manage their 22 members because they have no knowledge of how to maintain this systemㅋㅋㅋㅋ My bias is so pretty but I’m always on the verge of leaving the fandom because of the company
3. I wonder what they were thinking? The first thing I would do in 2021 would be to promote them
4. NCT U’s songs in 2021 were so good and the members’ composition were good too… it was such a shame. I wanted to see kids like Taro and Yangyang a lot in U but because their year end shows overlapped, it just became ridiculous
5. Hul but that Sungchan kid is pretty handsome
6. It’s such a shame for Sungchan and Shotaro… I feel like they would’ve gotten more positive responses if they were added to a new team instead of NCT.. but they got put in the storage room
7. Hul Shotaro is so f*cking good at dancing so I watched his fancams so many times even as a non-fan
8. I feel like only the company likes this system. The fans and the members are suffering so much. I really hope that other companies don’t copy this…
9. I’m a NCTzen and every time I think of SungSho, I get so mad… It f*cking annoys me how they still are not in a fixed unit…
10. Put Shotaro’s Connexion MV too. He was so cool there…

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