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They are Mystic’s first group that was produced by Yoon Jong Shin. Even though there are a lot of prominent artists from that company, they had no experience managing a girl group.
They focused on their quite famous trainee Tsuki, Soohyun who was quite popular from getting dropped from Produce S1 (she’s Yeo Boram from Eighteen) and Astro Moobin’s little sister Moon Sua who’s an allrounder and who looks exactly like him when debuting this team.

Their debut song Ring X Ring received divided opinions but they had a good start by showcasing an unique worldview and selling 9.9K albums in their first week of sales. Their fandom slowly started to grow and they had pretty good results from a mid-sized agency girl group who had no foundation!

And they added Sooyeon from Girls Planet who was known for her skills but who could sadly not make it to the debut team, and they released a special digital single for Christmas and made a comeback in February right after!

They came back with GingaMingaYo and even entered top 1000(?) on Melon… (Nowadays, not a lot of rookie girl groups to make it to the top 1000 unlike beforeㅠ OP was so happy back then and was going crazyㅋㅋ)

I can’t leave out Tsuki’s fancam that exploded
Through word of mouth, they started to rank up in other streaming sites too and their fandom grew as well
Their album sales also grew as a result
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1. I liked Billie’s debut song so so much
2. I feel like they really found a niche market. I like how they are so uniqueㅎㅎ
3. Wow everyone is so talented and their MVs are all fun
4. I learned about Tsuki for the first time through that fancam but I like her even more because she’s such a good performer. I hope they hit bigger
5. First of all, Billie’s debut song is a fraud. It’s so good
6. I’ve been listening to GingaMingaYo every day
7. I learned about them since because of Sooyeon from Girls Planet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. I hope that Billie picks a good song for their next comeback too

9. They are good performers so it’s always fun to watch their fancams and stages. I like idols who are good at their jobs so much.
10. I like Moon Sua so much
11. All of them are pretty and are really good at singing and rapping

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