[enter-talk] IS SONG JIHYO REALLY IN HER 40’S…

She’s shining…
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1. [+186, -78]

Aren’t Song Jihyo’s looks considered almost the top of our country? To be honest, she’s legendarily pretty…
2. [+144, -36]
People say that no matter how pretty the guests are on Running Man, Song Jihyo is still the prettiest and I bet that if she never appeared on Running Man, she would’ve made a name for herself through her face
3. [+102, -4]
Song Jihyo was legendary in the early days of Running Man…. She’s still super pretty right now but if only they could give her better hair, make up and styling, she would be way prettier now ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+72, -5]

She was so pretty with in the early days of Running Man with the innocent styling..

5. [+39, -2]

I saw her on variety shows when I was young and she looked pretty even to my younger eyesㅋㅋ but even now, I still find her pretty

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