Link has reached 1.5% viewership rating, their lowest yet

Even with Yeo Jingoo’s enthusiastic performance… From the fantasy to meloromance, thriller, and even human, the endeavor for a complex genre was just too much.
(t/n: Human genre = relatable/realistic/slice of life)
They tried to portray a show with a a complex genre mix of fantasy, romance, mystery, and human, but I got lost without being able to focus on any one. Even with Yeo Jin-goo as an actor who can be trusted and seen, the ratings are still declining. It fell to 1.5% in the seventh episode, and tasted the humiliation of recording the lowest viewership rating among Yeo Jingoo’s leading works. This is the current situation of the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’ (hereinafter ‘Link’).
The combination of Yeo Jingoo, who challenged himself with a fantasy romance for the first time in three years after the box office of ‘Hotel Del Luna’, and Moon Gayoung, who is attracting attention as a next-generation romcom goddess through the drama ‘True Beauty’, has raised expectations even before the broadcast.
Above all, Yeo Jingoo not only showed his explosive acting skills regardless of genre, from historical dramas to modern dramas to fantasy, but also showed perfect chemistry with the other actors. Expectations were raised even higher with the fact that this was different from his appearance shown in the previous work ‘Beyond Evil’.
But is it because of excessive greed? From the first episode, ‘Link’, which was expected to be a  ‘sweet’ romance suddenly forced in thriller elements, such as stalking and corpse abandonment, to create ‘violence’. In addition to the disappearance of Eun Gyehoon (Yeo Jingoo)’s sister, the mysterious villagers, and the relationship between Noh Dahyeon (Moon Gayoung) and Eun Gyehoon’s sister, who lost their childhood memories, the ‘human’ genre was omitted and only a mystery element.
The plot development became distracting and stretched as it focused more and more on external factors other than the romance of Yeo Jingoo and Moon Gayoung. To expect a human genre, there were only unrealistic behaviors of the local people, such as threatening with a knife, leaving a body in the refrigerator, and trying to hit a person with a car.
As a result, the ratings continued to decline. It started with 3.1%, but it went down to the 2% level in 3 episodes and then fell to the 1% level in 5 episodes. Episode 7 recorded its lowest rating at 1.5%. Above all, this figure is the lowest rating since ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ among works in which Yeo Jingoo played the lead role after debut. ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, which appeared three years ago, also recorded the lowest rating of 1.5% in episode 29.
1. It’s indeed enjoyable but the pace is too slow… Our country’s dramas should honestly keep them within 10 minutes. They show way too many unnecessary parts in the middle
2. I’m curious to find out what will happen, so I keep watching it, but I can understand how it’s not public-friendly? Yeo Jingoo’s acting is too good
3. I wonder if it’s because they were able to cast that male lead tha they gave im so much script… I feel like that when watching
4. I enjoy it thoughㅋㅋ I like it when it’s a bit of romcom with a bit of thriller, the male lead’s acting seems f*cking hard to do but the female lead is diong freaking well
5. Yeo Jingoo isn’t able to give a heart fluttering romance, they have no chemistry
6. At first, it was enjoyable. They it felt like they were bullying the audience with the way they were dragging the development so I dropped itㅜ They keep focusing on what the people from the neighborhood is doing and their screentime becomes so long. I’m not even curious about them and it feels frustrating. Link’s plot feels novel but the execution is so bad
7. It’s freaking enjoyable to me. It’s quite newㅋㅋㅋ
8. Moon Gayoung is so so, I can’t watch her
9. I feel like Yeo Jingoo is really the issue. His acting is too heavy for romance genre
10. I’m not sure Yeo Jingoo and Moon Gayoung have any chemistry between them. The drama’s story is also boring.. I watched 2 episodes and dropped it. Looks like it becomes even worse after;

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