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Both of us are adults and I live apart from my family
Yesterday, my boyfriend was walking me home and we got soaked from the rain so I had no other choice than to make him come to my rented room. But we really just kissed. We slept the whole day, just sleep… I bet that my boyfriend was f*cking holding back
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I also want a boyfriend like this. F*cking gentle
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Ah if I date, I want to just sleep side by side so much ㅠ I’m jealous
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It’s 1 of these 3 options. 1. He was so tired to the point of not even wanna do it. 2. The guy is still conservative so he doesn’t think that it’s the right time yet. 3. He was scared to be only thinking about it so he was suffering patiently
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Why? Isn’t this even better…? It’s somehow fresh and tingly
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I and my boyfriend also don’t really have strong s*xual urges so when we slept together, we just slept while hugging. I think that we only had s*x laterㅋㅋ Usually, we really just sleep while hugging. We both like that more. But now, if we don’t do it for a week and a half or 2, I lure him into itㅋㅋㅋ It true that he held back ㅇㅇ I asked my boyfriend later on about it and he said that he held back on that day too
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Is there a law that says that you must sleep together though?

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