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“At around 22:30 on June 18, actress Suzu Hirose returned home to her home condominium in Tokyo after finishing work. Hirose is celebrating her 24th birthday on the 19th, but at her home there is a man waiting for her to return home. Kento Yamazaki (27), a popular actor who is now sought after in movies and dramas.”
“Let’s go back to the first scene.
Hirose and Yamazaki, who returned to the condominium on June 19, went out again around 14:00. A middle-aged women and young men were with them. The four got into a luxury car driven by Hirose and left the condominium. The destination was Tokyo Dome, where “Yogibo presents THE MATCH 2022 Tenshin VS Takezon(?)” was held.
After the match, Hirose and Yamazaki walked side by side on the road to the parking lot without worrying about the eyes around them, probably because of the excitement of the hot battle. Yamazaki wrapped his arm around her as if he were hugging Hirose, and Hirose naturally accepts it.”

“At the parking lot, Hirose gets on the car first, and Yamazaki gets on at a distance. When they picked up the other two people who came to the venue together on the street, the four people returned to Hirose’s home. Immediately afterwards, the two acquaintances left her home by taxi.”

(T/N: rest of the post talks about how they often meet and go to each other’s place)
Yamazaki Kento
Hirose Suzu
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1. They match
2. Wow crazy, a freaking handsome guy and freaking pretty girl are dating…
3. So warm
4. Omomo congrats congrats, they match
5. They match and their height difference is so nice
6. Hirose Suzu is f*cking prettyㄷㄷㄷ congrats congrats
7. Yah they look alike
8. Wow I didn’t know if they would match but they are both freaking handsome and pretty and their height difference is daebak. Be happy
9. The two people I find the prettiest and handsomest in Japan are dating ㅇㅁㅇ
10. Oh I thought that they were the most good-looking Japanese actors and these kids are even dating!
11. Crazy
12. They matchㅋㅋㅋㅋ they don’t have much of an age gap either

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