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1. All of them look like actors
2. They look more charming than handsome..?
3. But do SM purposely make their rookies’ eyebrows so thick?ㅋㅋ I remember when Jungwoo appeared for the first time, his eyebrows looked so thick and people said that he gave off the actor vibes
4. Let’s not believe in SM’s debut teasers
5. Eunseok has that vibe
6. They are handsome
7. All of them look like actors
8. NCT?
9. Why do these pictures… feel like they were taken in 2018…?
10. Are these people gonna be part of NCT soon?…
11. I hope that they are not added to NCT. Stop recruiting new members now
12. Why do male idols nowadays have no uniqueness anymore?
13. Wow but they look so sharp
14. Seunghan looks different in every picture
15. Ever since Aespa, SM doesn’t feel like SM anymore
He kinda looks like a blend of them together
I also get the WayV members’ vibes
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1. Actor type
2. So I’m not the only one who thought that he looked like Gong Myung
3. Definitely the SM type
4. He’s almost a copy-paste of Gong Myung………
5. He looks like Jaehyun and Doyoung’s kid
6. He has the WayV vibeㅇㅇ in my opinion, WayV’s image is kinda different from NCT’s. Even though I’ll only know if I see more pictures of him
7. Wow but he’s definitely the SM type
8. I see Na Inwoo and Lee Dohyun
9. He kinda looks like Na Inwoo
10. He looks like Kang Tae Ohㅋㅋㅋ
11. SM is into those paper-doll looking people who have no masculine vibes
12. I feel like his face would even get a pass in JYP and YG

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