[enter-talk] I THINK I GET JISUNG

Yeah, it’s true that he’s not super handsome
But he kinda drags you in and is kinda cute? Maybe because he has that maknae vibe?
He’s seriously a like a kid. He’s just so cute. He has that attractiveness that’s different than the soft tofu vibe
Ah f*ck, I don’t know how to explain this but f*ck. Ah the fans who are fangirling on Jisung, explain this
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1. [+114, -2]
His nose and face bone structure is legendary + he has cute monolids + he’s the most maknae of all NCT + he’s f*cking good at dancing (what made me a fan) + his physical + his voice + his big hands + his voice color
2. [+85, -1]
In my opinion, he’s f*cking a wrecker. The point is his height, hands and personality and his voice… Nowadays, he’s f*cking handsome. F*ck
3. [+84, -3]
Even if you don’t know that he’s handsome, this man is your ideal type.

4. [+74, 0]

Jisung looking at the fans.. You can see how sincere he is towards his work and his fans. You can just tell that he’s genuine with everything he does

5. [+67, -1]

He’s not a baby anymore. His personality is freaking sweet

6. [+53, 0]

What’s really daebak about Jisung isn’t simply that he communicates with the fans a lot but that he gives off the vibe that he reads every fan’s feelings
7. [+48, -1]
His facial bone structure, his height and his personality are freaking good in an oba way
8. [+46, -2]
But people who like faces like Jisung’s are obsessed with him. People who look like Jisung are seriously my type so I was shocked when I saw him at first. He’s my ideal type in a legendary way

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