They have it even for the Seoul show
+ They released on their IG without the Rising Sun flag
The flag can only be seen on their official page
If you think about what happened with Sean Lennon, they’re using it even though they know what it means
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1. So Maroon5 were this kind of people… The fact that I know their show will sell out is pissing me off
2. Doing it despite knowing what it is is just despicable. I don’t even feel for the kids who decide to go to their concert
3. If they keep doing stuff like that, doesn’t it just mean that they’re completely ignorant of our country?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. No but I’m honestly curious, do they find the Rising Sun flag pretty? Or cool? Why would they continuously do it..? Umbrella Academy just did it, I just think they lack principles
5. Wow… Doing this and still wanting to earn Korean money; Don’t come
6. Ha I hate pro-Japanese
7. ?ㅋㅋ didn’t they get into a controversy last time too? .. I’ve never been to their show and I’m never planning to
8. Why are westerners so ignorant about the Rising Sun flag? It’s not like it’s pretty either so what’s the reason?
9. Please don’t use the war crime flag (rising sun flag) symbol in your concert poster. It’s offensive in many Asian countries, and especially Korea where Japan invaded Korea under that flag. Countless war crimes, torture, genocide, rape, illegal slavery of men and massacres of not only people but culture were committed for 35 years. There are victims who are still alive to this day who shudder at the flag. The flag has been tainted and tied with a political agenda since world war 2, and is considered equivalent to the Nazi flag. I believe that your use of the symbol was a mistake due to ignorance. There are many right winged Japanese people who still encourage the use of the symbol, unlike how the Nazi symbol is banned in Germany, so it’s natural for foreigners to not know about this. However, since you know now, I respectfully ask that you edit your poster right away please. Thank you. (comment in English)
10. They’ve always been like that

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