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She was a schoolmate during high school, I always knew she liked me. Anyways, we became adults and we hung out with the same crowd so we were able to see each other a lot. She looked like a decent person with a good personality.
Meanwhile, she confessed to me and I’ve always found her likable so we started dating.
My partner was never ugly, she’s neither cute nor pretty, she just looks average?
But at one point, she started getting weird and comparing herself to me. She was telling me how so many people around her are ‘reborn’ after surgery so that she needs surgery
I told her I’m fine with the way she looks, but she wanted it so bad so I didn’t really try to stop her
In the end, she did her nose and her eyes
But she really changed… Of course, I’ve seen people like her [new face] all the time, but she really became freaking pretty, so much I was shocked
It’s nice to be pretty, but that aside, the problem is that her personality became so bizarre
I used to think it was a good thing because her self-esteem seemed to have increased a lot
She started acting like her face was always that way and her head got so bigㅋㅋ
She said “Just like how pretty I am, you should treat me better”
and “You know how hard it is to date someone like me?”
Judging other people’s faces became her ritual and she pretends she never had any surgery in front of other people. She’s saying stuff like “I’m so scared of going under the knife, I can’t even dream about it”ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously she changed her face and became a completely different person..
Not everyone becomes that way when they get prettier right?
She’s not the partner I knew
It’s not like I dated her for her face either, but she keeps pointing out my face’s features and would start sulking if I don’t praise her face every day.
Just what should I do? I’m so fed up that I’m falling out of love seriously
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1. There are seriously a lot of people like her
2. This is why I wish plastic surgery to disappear. If you lack self-awareness and only base your worth on looks, you will create a gap. No matter what comes first, people with poor understanding will perform surgery and think that people should treat them based on their face’s ‘worth’… You should just focus on living a good life. Why are there so many people who feel the need to bash others? Especially those who do surgery.. Just why?
3. She never changed, her personality was always dirtyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. Seriously you must’ve been dumbfounded. She turns out to be a person who discriminates others based on looks
5. My friend also did surgery and caught the princess disease and started judging other people’s looks. Seriously she became so annoying
6. Seriously whenever I see people like her, I always want to tell them one thing “They can perform surgery on your face alone but not your heart and personality”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. Even as a friend, I wouldn’t stick around her
8. Rather than her self-esteem becoming high, her narcissistic traits just exploded. This isn’t self-esteem but self-conceit.
Her own ideals always stuck to her.
I used to think that there were a lot more people who have pretty hearts than pretty faces in the past, but I changed my mind.
Nowadays, there are way more pretty faces. But it’s hard to find even a single person with a truly good heart.
Let her live thinking that her face is worth it. If she thinks that she can receive love because her self-esteem got higher while acting rude to other people means that her mind was never good. She has nothing good going about her and she knows it, but she couldn’t express it
9. The scariest thing is when you fill your ego with your looks
10. I find it hard to date anyone who always bashes on other people’s looks.. OP must be tired

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