Noze was caught up in suspicions of abuse of power for her SNS advertisements. Most SNS advertisements are conducted on the condition of posting 1 to 3 posts every 3 to 6 months. It is known that Noze receives 30-50 million won (23-38K USD) per post.
A small business official said, “I requested Noze to upload a post, but it was delayed. In the end, the (post) was uploaded after appealing to her with a long message several times. It was several months after the request deadline. It was later deleted,” they said.
A small business company B official said, “There are no advertisement posts on Noze’s SNS. It’s because they have all been deleted. I paid tens of millions of won for one post, but it didn’t come up on the requested date. It was frustrating because I had no choice but to wait.”
An official from Company C said, “We tried to do season marketing in line with the upload schedule of Noze’s advertisement posts. However, the post did not go up due to an issue with Noze’s condition (?). The post was uploaded only after the marketing season was over. In this process, I fervently appealed to Noze’s side.”
An official from Noze’s agency, Starting House, explained, “That’s right. There is no problem because it was posted within the set advertisement contract period.”
Regarding the reason for deleting the post, they said, “Noze’s Instagram is not managed by the company, but it’s the artist’s personal account.”
Currently, there are hardly any small business items on Noze’s Instagram. However, posts related to luxury brands remain for several months. Noze is earning hundreds of millions of won by using her personal Instagram account. However, it is ‘her personal choice’ to delete any advertisement post.
Even the process of posting advertisements was not smooth. Powerless small and medium-sized businesses had no choice but to appeal to Noze saying “Please also upload our posts,” despite her posting luxury brands’ posts. In the end, their posts were uploaded several months later, while bearing with the marketing deadlines.
However, Noze’s side said that there were no problem since the final contract period was not violated.
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1. She’s greedy for money now. Seems like she’s been able to earn millions of won easily. If she’s gonna do this, then she could just turn down the offers of mid-small companies. She wants to earn money while not wanting to put their products on her feed
2. Wow what a turn off..
3. Seems like I’ll be waiting for a statement from her side…ㄷㄷㄷ
4. Hul, she won’t go far~~~~ Her greed for money definitely went up
5. They’ve made a contract with her so why is she acting like this…
6. Leaving a post for 4 days after receiving millions of won is severeㅠ
7. She sure earns money easily. How can she be making 30-50 million won with one post… seriously daebak
8. What’s wrong with her..?? Does she think of herself as some super star?
9. That’s how she views people who are lower than her
10. Look at her company saying that there was no issue since it was uploaded in the contract period….
11. Hul why is she like this?
12. Noze’s company said that they were verifying the situation
“Noze, suspicions of power trip with SNS advertisement… her company is “verifying the situation””

13. Turn off

14. I clicked in thinking “it’s up to her if she wants to accept an advertisement or not” but the content wasn’t what I expected;;;;;;

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