Fantagio! Stop discriminating the members!!
Are you discriminating between the kid who is renewing and the kid who isn’t renewing their contract?
Or does the team in charge of them have their favorites and some they hate?
One thing is that they never promote that one member’s individual activitiesㅋㅋ And the other thing is that they make it so obvious that they don’t care about him
If they’re an artist from the company, don’t they obviously have to promote them when they have activities to be able to rise? Aren’t they obligated to support them?
Yet this company isn’t even doing the basics!
I just want him to leave this company as soon as possible..

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From Fantagio’s point of view, I think it’s natural to push Moonbin, the member who will stay with the company in the future.
However, Cha Eunwoo was the one who contributed to the company the most so far.
Even if the contract ends, I think it’s natural to at least fulfill the basics of the contract
I just get angry at the company for not even doing the basics
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1. [+110, -0]
You know what? Each of ASTRO’s 6 members have their own fans and everyone is claiming that their bias is getting discriminated againstㅋㅋㅋ In the end, I feel like it would be best to just disband the group so we can resolve this whole discrimination issue
2. [+82, -30]
I’m another group’s fan and I actually wished they push Moonbin more. He’s so charming, if only they pushed him more, he can get so big
3. [+70, -25]
If you look at it, if Moonbin wasn’t in ASTRO but another group, he would’ve been so much more successful than he is now. Marketing your idol is so important. If you’re only focused on promoting one member, of course that member will succeed. This is why big agencies know how to do their work and distinguish themselves
4. [+40, -1]
The fact is that they suck at their workㅋㅋ Especially in actingㅇㅇ If you look at Ha Jungwoo and Seo Kangjoon, all their important actors left
5. [+28, -24]
Moonbin is a waste with ASTROㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ They so don’t push him..
6. [+23, -9]
Looking at the comments, it almost sounds like you think that all idols can succeed if they get pushed but Cha Eunwoo succeeded on his own
7. [+22, -5]
If Cha Eunwoo didn’t start shooting dramas, he wouldn’t reach the level of acknowledgement he has now. Drama = public recognition. If you’re not BTS level, you’re all about your fandom. Like the comments are saying, Moonbin isn’t considered a flop as an idol, Cha Eunwoo’s recognition is still higher, but as idols, they have similar level of recognition
8. [+20, -7]
People are not even claiming that Rocky, MJ or Jinjin aren’t getting pushed, but Moonbin? Where’s the shame?

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