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I don’t have any, I just wish I died while sleeping every night
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1. Hmmm.. My bias and my family’s cat..?
2. I’m a bit embarrassed of it, but dancing to girl group’s songs.
I’m uncoordinated but I just dance however I want.
Me too I’m really depressed and sometimes I just come home without even removing my clothes and just fall asleep on the floor of my room
One of my friend finally reached out to me and I feel like this helped a lot
And I also think that dancing brings joy to my life, before taking a shower, I dance to at least 2 songs
3. Eat good food.
In the past, I used to binge watch pieces of fiction (webtoon/manhwa/anime/movies..)
Nowadays, whenever something fun happens in my daily life, I would put it down in a journal?? I always find it fun to look back at it in the futureㅎㅎ
4. My family and my friends
5. My friends and my partner, they’ve spent their life travelling here and there while I’ve just been a home body. Then one day, I realized that there are so many places I’ve never been to
6. I just need to live on, I don’t really have the need to feel happy but just thinking about how lucky I am to get to live a life, I get happy. I just live on doing the things I need to do. Sometimes it’s nice but sometimes I get sad
7. Family, friends and music. OP, I’ll pray that you find happiness
8. People around me, fangirling, my friends, Youtubeㅎ
Eat delicious food, breath clean air and just be grateful you’re alive. It’s too scary to think about death
9. Opening the refreshing AC and eating delicious food, also watch a good drama
10. Eat good food!! And nowadays, I’ve been enjoying web novels as a hobby, I’m looking forward to read everyday

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