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Or was it someone around you?

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1. Is it even possible to have never experienced it?????
2. Of course, 3 times
3. Freaking lots of times. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been subject to s*xual harassment. I’ve experienced it from boys in my class so I went to an all-girls school after, but then experienced it from my male teachers. When we play games and s*x is mentioned, I’d always experience it, I just endure it for now since I’ve had it so many times
4. The man that my mother was dating touched me thinking I was sleeping. My unnie also experienced it
5. Subways are especially severe. When I used to be in elementary school, they would come from behind and they would just play with their ‘thing’, when I was young, I didn’t know what s*xual harassment was but I remember hating it and feeling so bad. I’ve also seen a f*cker in his 20s slap a woman’s ass in the metro because she was wearing a dress. I was so freaking shocked so he starred at me and started laughing
6. There was nobody on the bus but he had to sit right behind me and started touching his ‘thing’. I was so young and still a minor, I was so scared so I couldn’t say anything and just let it slide… One night, I was going home and a man on his bike passed next to me and brushed me saying “Do you want to see my thing?” I told him “there’s a police station right there, do you want to go?” and he ran away. It’s so dangerous to go around by yourselfㅠㅠ
7. Ever since I was a choding until now, 5 times
8. Too many times… I’ve been victim of it more in my school days than when I turned adultㅜㅜ
9. Because of that I committed school violence in middle school…
10. Someone shoved their hand on my ass.. He kept trying to shove his hand upㅋㅋ I’ve experienced it so many times that I’ve grown traumatized of taking public transit..

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