On July 6, the agency released the following statement:

Hello. This is P NATION.

First of all, we express deep gratitude to everyone who has sent much love and interest to Jessi.

We inform you that our exclusive contract with Jessi recently expired.

Being with P NATION since the beginning until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and endless efforts. That process and her achievements became positive and enjoyable sources of motivation for every member of P NATION.

We will continue to cheer on Jessi’s future path as an artist, and we will continuously support her diverse activities.

We thank the many fans who cherish Jessi, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support.

Thank you.

cr. Soompi
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1. There’s a difference between your song hitting big and doing the music you want. I read somewhere around a month ago that she was setting up her own one man agency, I wonder how it’ll turn out
2. I hope that Jessi stops following the trend and does what she wants to do with her own colors. She’ll be at the top
3. Hul but she suited Pnation perfectlyㅠㅠ But Jessi will do well anywhere she goes
4. Hul she suits Psy perfectly. But since those were songs he wrote for her, of course the results would be good. I thought that she would stay with him… Jessi really pulls off Psy’s songs so well that this is a bit unexpected. But even thought the results are good, Jessi has her own style…She probably wants to get rid of Psy’s influence
5. Let’s hear the songs that Jessi wants to release now
6. Pnation helped her hit big but it’s possible that this wasn’t the music she wanted to doㅇㅇ And I feel like she concluded things cleanly with the company
7. What the? Last time she mentioned getting well with Antenna, is she going to end up singing a contract with them?
8. This is unexpected, all the songs she released there got good responses so I was sure she would re-sign. But Jessi has the skills to do well anywhere she goes
9. I’m really curious to see where she’ll be goingㅋㅋ
10. I feel like it’ll be Antenna..

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