Bae Youngjun’s child actor, Yoo Seungho
Moon Sori’s child actor, Park Eunbi
Lee Jiah’s child actor Shin Eunkyung
Yoon Taekyung’s child actor Kim Hoyoung
He’s indeed the musical actor Kim Hoyoung we knowㅋㅋㅋ
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1. Hul I didn’t know it was Kim Hoyoung?!?!?
2. Kim Hoyoung used to be a child actor? But he wasn’t at the age anymore no?
3. ??????????????
4. Hul it’s Kim Hoyoung? It’s my first time learning it
5. The part with the child actors was so funㅋ It’s indeed Kim Hoyoung, his acting was so good
6. I liked Lee Hyunwoo the most… But he only appeared for a few seconds..ㅠ.ㅠ
I knew that it was Kim Hoyoung and he go so much hate for his character back them…
7. They all grew up so well, their acting were good too
8. Hul I didn’t know it was Kim Hoyoung… And I just realized that when The Legend was playing, he was already 25 y’o
9. I didn’t know that Park Eunbi and Kim Hoyoung were those child actors
10. Hul…Kim Hoyoung came as a shocked at the end, I feel like they all grew up to become good people👍 👍

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