Full group comeback as a commemoration for their 15 years, 6 years since their last promotion

2nd generation girl group one top

Planning their comeback once their world tour wraps up

3rd generation top girl group

Ending their vacuum period with a comeback planned for August

They will also plan for a world tour
3rd generation top girl group
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1. Rose is freaking good at taking pictorials, she’s at the level of a model
2. I’m too happy!!!!!!! Soshi💗
3. Twice’s full group comeback in August hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I really hope it’ll be a full group 🍭🍭
4. It’s been how long since we’ve seen BP…I thought they would be coming back in the beginning of this year
5. Calling Twice and BP top and SNSD the one top is f*cking weird, but true. Those 2 are indeed perceived as rivals in the 3rd generation. And, I think we should leave our Wonder Girls. I’m not anybody’s fan but despite WG’s digital being strong, they weren’t as big as being worth calling a ‘one top;?? SNSD was stronger than them in every other category
6. Ah people are here fighting over the choice of words for top/one top again… stop it alreadyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Let’s just say they’re all one top
7. Soshi is the one top
8. Wow crazy Soshi, Twice and BP!!!
9. You left one 2NE1 and Wonder Girls for the 2nd generation..But of course, if we talk about the only ones who survived, I agree
10. Finally Blackpinkㅠㅠㅠ

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