Every other fan agrees to this, yet they’re the only ones who can’t acknowledge it ㅋ
❤️ Jimin’s akgae
– Trolling on Bangtan’s gallery
– Organized hate against V and Jungkook (fabricating downvotes-upvotes and top comments)
– They don’t lose offline either, they commit a bunch of brutality
❤️ Hyunjae’s akgae
– Caught having a group chat in a female entertainment gallery
(Over there, they trash and swear at Juyeon and Younghoon, Karina and Winter, and everyone in NCT)
– The moment there are business posts about Juyeon and Younghoon, they’ll mass write down hate comments
– They have several accounts per person
❤️ Haechan’s akgae
– They’re about 100 people gathered together to terrorize the associated search terms for Jaehyun, Taeyong, Doyoung, Jungwoo and Jaemin
– They terrorize other members’ Bubble
– They were caught swearing at other members (They seem to be fangirling by bashing others)
– Most of the people acting like fools on Twitter and Youtube are Haechan fans
+ I’ve also seen Jimin’s akgae forming a group chat to drag other members by their hair and fabricating best comments too?
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1. [+109, -62]
But Jungkook’s akgaes are the one top when it comes to swearing at everyone on female entertainment galleries and even on Vlive
“Honestly, Kookie alone is better than those 5 members of Bboongie2 (t/n: Bboongie2 = BTS hoobaes = TXT)
“This is the reason why Bboongie2 never hit big”
2. [+98, -48]
It’s starting again
“Gook is really”
1. A member who isn’t easily swayed, rather someone who has a backbone
2. Despite being in a bad mood, he’ll never express it in front of the camera
3. If other members receive attention, he’ll never express it even if he hates it
4. He’s considerate to other hyungs aside from himself
5. He’s the maknae but he takes care of the hyungs
6. He’s f*cking handsome when he’s working
7. Every time he’s in front of the camera, he works hard
8. He doesn’t act like a clique when it’s another member’s birthday
9. He doesn’t promote the album of those clique-y members
10. He never embarrasses the fans
“Look at how comparable he is to that someone else”
“Look at how hardworking Gookie is”
3. [+94, -41]
“I feel like V sometimes shows more [skills] than Jimin”
“That’s why he’s in the dance line. He’s obviously a better dancer than Kook”
4. [+64, -33]
Ew, the Jungkook-V akgaes are always here politicizing things. Look at the way they’re having a seizure while terrorizing people here
5. [+63, -46]
If Jimin really had the most akgaes, people here would’ve already sided with him… But there’s always posts hating on Jimin everyday, yet all we see are posts talking about Jimin’s akgaes.. What’s up with that delusion.. You guys are the fools pretending to be normal. Real fans will never talk about XX akgaes, they don’t even know akgaes exist because they’re busy liking the kids. Wake up ajummas, you guys are creepy

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