[life stories] IS THAT REALLY NOZE?

Not Rozalin’s old picture but Noze??

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Look at you guys at it again swearing at people for their face. Why do you guys hate through these means the moment someone commits a mistake? Bringing up the past and pointing out they fixed this and they fixed that, their face is giving this impression, and bringing up their circle claiming birds of a feather flock together???? This is why people get deluded and drift away from the issues
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The case where she fixed things little by little
3. [+46, -2]
Huh????? She’s totally a different person???
4. [+37, -2]
If she didn’t shave her beak-like nose, she would still have that arrow-like nose, I feel like her nose was the work of someone else’s hand
5. [+20, -1]
Power-trip b*tch out
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What the? Her high school picture looked the same as her right now, but here she looks totally different
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Wow me too I can make it

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