Mangaka of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Takahashi Kazuki, dead body found off the cost of Nago, Okinawa

At around 10:00 am on the 6th, a man wearing snorkeling equipment was found floating off the coast of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture.
“According to the Nago Maritime Security Office, the deceased was Kazuki Takahashi, author of the popular shounen manga ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ living in Tokyo.
The Coast Guard and the police are closely investigating the circumstances leading up to his death.

Rest in peace

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1. He was one of the few normal ones in Japan… What a shame..
2. ….. What is happening..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠRest in peace
3. Hul… This was my favorite manga… Rest in peace
4. This is eba, I’m waiting to see what will come out from the details of the investigation…
5. In 4 years, we were supposed to celebrate the 30 years of Yu-Gi-Oh!… Author-nimㅠ
Rest in peace
6. No…Hul….No way………………….ㅠㅠ
This is way too sad, how come…. Rest in peace… Thanks to you, I was truly happy…
7. Rest in peace, he was such a good person, and a great mangaka tooㅠㅠ
8. Looks like he died while snorkeling. It makes you realize how fickle life can be. I never read his manga but even I knew who he was. His work was so popular and it sold so well. I heard his property also was no joke ha…
Looking at his personal history, I found that he was a rare normal person with the right type of values ​​even in Japan. Why would someone like him leave so early… Rest in peace
9. Rest in Peace
As someone who have lived in Okinawa in the past
Sometimes, you will encounter poisonous jellyfishes and snakes in the seas
Is that why he passed away?ㅠㅠ
10. Ha… He was an author until the end, he never put aside his work and he was living like a nobleman… He could’ve lived longer…He could’ve lived a long life as an old man…. Rest in peace

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