There were a lot of talks of the two looking alike since ages ago and even SeolA acknowledged it. Their facial feature are seriously similar. Interesting
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Wow I thought that when they’ll ultimately be together, they won’t look alike but… seeing them together makes them look even more alike
2. [+68, -2]
Their images are freaking the same
3. [+54, -1]
Don’t they look f*cking the same here? Freaking interesting
4. [+51, 0]
They look similar like siblings but Jungwoo is prettier and SeolA is handsomer
5. [+34, 0]
I wonder if they were conscious of each other standing side by side. I don’t mean anything implicit. I wonder if they simply thought “they really look like me”?
6. [+30, 0]
Jungwoo said that his real noona really looks like him so I bet she looks like SeolA

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