It looks like those f*cking Chinese Shaolin movies.. What is this? Do they did to go this far to go viral with their choreography?

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Most of Aespa’s dances only look cool because they have those expensive cameramen shooting them. But objectively speaking, when you look at them, you’re just like “…Huh?”
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No but Black Mamba and Next Level dances were f*cking cool and I liked them, but ever since Savage, they suddenly started spreading their legs and now they’re dancing and acting like some Sailor Moon or Shaolin. They look so weird. And the outfits were weird too, it’s just a waste of Aespa
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No but I don’t understand why they make idols choreography so weird sometimes? Not only them, but sometimes I would watch other groups choreo videos and find them so cool and yet at times, they have those moves that just breaks the entire flow of the dance. I don’t get it
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Their angles aren’t even the same
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Freaking hilariousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They look like those anime fans
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I bet they got a reality slap during their practice
They went all the way to do the Chica dance… If you watch the video, it’s even funnier, they’re just hanging there and bouncing..
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But is there anyone who actual does the move right there? They all look different
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Their bouncing was f*cking funny
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No but why does Ningning have her left hand down like that?? Aside from her, they’re all getting it right
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We need to change from Yoo Youngjin
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It’s still better than the US hammer dance
You can tell it’s Winter even from far away.. Her facial features are so distinctive
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You indeed need to look at Winter from afar
2. [+44, -15]
Too pretty

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Wow those are phone cameras? She’s f***cking pretty
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But she looks so cute with those baby cheeksㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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That’s right of course she’s pretty from afar
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She’s f*cking pretty with casual clothes too

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