He did the one day special MC today, he was too cute

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1. [+44, -17]

Aigo he’s so commendableㅜ He did so well and his face was too pretty

2. [+36, -17]

I attended the live broadcast and he did so well!! I didn’t know if he’d get along with the other MCs but he wasn’t nervous at all and did well!
3. [+35, -13]
He’s f*cking cuteㅜ And he’s freaking good at MCing

4. [+24, -8]

I really hope he becomes a fixed MC on Inkigayo or another show in the future
5. [+22, -5]
Why is he so refreshing? He’s not a standard beauty but he’s so charming
6. [+20, -8]
I’d believe if he had 10 years of MC experienceㅜ So refreshing
7. [+19, -6]
The MCs suit each other so well today

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