She was on her way to DJ for her 1 year anniversary radio show and she brought rice cakes
“Ha… Wendy again…
#Congratulations for Wendy’s Youngstreet’s 1 year
#Ha Wendy is even good at DJing”
+ the journalist also gave her a cake on her way to work for her 1 year anniversary
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1. Wow the picture where she’s blowing the cake’s candle is legendary, she’s lovely
2. Seungwanie is seriously an angelㅠㅠ
3. The fact that the journalists even brought a cake for her means that Son Wendy is indeed an angel 🥺🥺
4. Our Wanie is seriously too cute!!
5. I didn’t know these were journalist pictures! Wendy, congrats on the radio show’s 1 year
6. No but are these really journalist pictures??? Wow she’s so pretty…
7. Seriously anyone can tell how lovely Wendy is .. She’s kind, and pretty…She also looks like a hamster..
8. Wendy is the human strawberry milk..
9. Her hair and makeup suit her perfectly, she’s freaking pretty…
10. If the journalists even treat her so well, doesn’t it just show the kind of personality she has???
It must be hard for her to go around hiding her wings


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