Vote up – long nose but a moderate philtrum
Vote down – short nose but long philtrum
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1. [+89, -15]

Feminine upper body and chubby lower body vs chubby upper body and freaking pretty lower body
2. [+76, -29]
Double eyelids + tall + pretty but dark skin vs average + monolids but white skin
3. [+50, -7]
Pretty when you smile vs pretty when you’re emotionless
4. [+42 -24]
Innocent, clean and graceful aura vs cold, chic and fancy aura
5. [+42, -13]
You are good-looking but your gf/bf is so-so vs your bf/gf is good-looking but you’re so-so
6. [+33, -28]
Pretty kitty-type but with a witch/bulbous nose vs cute puppy-type with a low nose
7. [+29, -6]
A face that’s prettier without eye makeup vs a face that’s prettier with eye makeup
8. [+27, -9]
Having a lot of hair (but no eyebrows) vs having a lot of eyebrows (but average hair)
9. [+22, -9]
Long neck + pretty shoulders + round and flat face vs short neck + narrow shoulders but a egg-shaped face
10. [+22, -10]
Monolids + open and long inner eye corners vs double eyelids + short inner eye corners
11. [+20, -15]
170 cm tall with a head that’s on the bigger end vs 150 cm tall but small headed

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