He always uploaded a cover every time EXO released a new song
“I went to the concert yesterday. Seriously the 3hours 30minutes felt like 30 minutes only… It was so fun… Jjang..”
He did the ticketing himself and went to the concert
“EXO-L sunbaenims <3
This cute idol-fan really likes Kai sunbaenim a lot… He did the ticketing himself for their concert and he’s even a Son Minsoo with his outfits, he also uploaded his cover video before Kai released his choreography video. He’s a real fan. Tonight, we need to vote for him on Kingdom. Please help SF9 with a vote, thank you”

-Did you ever receive EXO sunbaenims’ signed CD???????

> I didn’t not receive it
“Just looking at his bias’ picture, he can tell which event it was from.. He’s fanboying harder than me”
And finally in London…!!!!!
“Kai sunbaenim, it was an honour!
Even in the future, I’ll keep supporting you as an ardent fan! Thank you for making time for me.”
Yoo Taeyang finally got a picture with Kai…
He never had the opportunity until now, but thanks to London Hallyu Popfest, they were able to perform on the same day and they released a proof shotㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
“I got the signature of a sunbae-nim that Taeyang liked and showed him during the fansign..He was so cute he even took a screenshot of it!!!”
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1. [+31, -1]
He even went to Kai’s birthday cafe and took a picture with the cupholder so he said that he understand the fans going on his own birthday cafe tour, it left a big impression on meㅠ He said that he knew he could meet Kai through introduction, but instead, he was waiting to meet him ‘naturally’ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Taeyang nim, I support him!
2. [+19, -0]
He’s a real fan, thank you for making time for him ㅠㅠ
3. [+18, -1]
Personally, I really wish SF9 succeeds. They have good skills. Fighting
4. [+13, -1]
Yoo Taeyang is seriously a real fan of Kia.. The members always told him that they could make them meet, but he kept on insisting that he’ll find his own opportunity to meet him and rejected them, but they finally met that day.. Our Taeyangie became a successful fan
5. [+7, -0]
So warm
6. [+6, -0]
It’s nice to see

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