You won’t believe this but they’re the same age idols
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1. [+90, -19]
Sakura’s fans are fangirling on a kid like that while bashing on Jang Wonyoung’s face?
2. [+80. -17]
Wow how did Sakura’s face turn out like that?
3. [+74, -15]
Is it because of surgery? It’s a bit uncanny
4. [+41, -0]
She did her nose after joining Hybe, I think that aged her quickly
5. [+34, -3]
She’s f*cking pretty right?

6. [+32, -5]

Sakura’s fans have been releasing posts bashing on Jang Wonyoung for the past days, rigging the upvotes and all, they’re amazing
7. [+26, -0]
I’m quite impressed by the ajussis simping on AKB
8. [+25, -2]
I f*cking hate Bighit’s nose enlargement surgery. All the kids who did surgery there end up with the same nose

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