SM Entertainment announced on the 12th the launch of ‘STUDIO KWANGYA’, a company specializing in metaverse production technology.
The business fields of Studio Wilderness are: Post Production, VFX Production, Virtual Human, Virtual Reality Production, Music Video Studio, and Virtual Studio. (Virtual Studio). It is rapidly establishing each business area by establishing joint ventures (JVs) with top domestic and foreign companies in related fields, M&A, and recruiting excellent talent.
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1. This business is perfect for our generation right now, they’re always a step ahead of everyone
2. The business aside, the name is just… I rather have Neo City instead of Kwangya…
3. They can do whatever they want, I don’t care, but I just hope they don’t start giving us 2D idols instead of 3D…ㅎ
4. Stop shoving Kwangya down our throats
5. Freaking hate this
6. Oh seriously, they’re investing in the businesses of the future. Honestly, rather than invest in places like restaurants, this is way more novel. I still don’t know what’s happening
7. Can they just give us comebacks for their artists faster?
8. Why are they so stuck on using the word Kwangya so much…
9. Enough…
10. Stop Kwangya I beg you 😤

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