I’m a 21 y’o man but I do my makeup daily

I arrange my eyebrows, shave my beard, use foundation, contour (my chin, nose, aegyo-sal), powder, I use a colored lip balm
I do nothing else from this, but people misunderstand me for being gay.. Is it that bad? I was so shocked.. I feel like I’m just doing the basic for skincare
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1. Maybe because you look a bit unnatural? But you’re just managing yourself
2. But don’t men do a lot nowadays?
The kids who don’t do it just try to justify their laziness by swearing at others, just ignore those people
3. Maybe because you’re contouring a lot? Or maybe your foundation don’t match you? But I feel like assuming you do it to look natural, I would think you’re just doing it out of self-management
4. But the fact that you’re doing contouring and foundation might make you look a bit cakey? If your face looks super white and your lips too red, it’s a bit…. Ughㅠㅠ Just used sun cream..
5. Maybe because your contouring and your makeup is too obvious???
When I went to school, some guys put BB cream but they looked way too white and it looked so so
6. I like men who take care of themselves, but I do recognize that when men doll up too much to the point they don’t look masculine anymore, they sometimes look gay to me -_-ㅋ I’m gay myself and I don’t do anything ㅋ
7. Yeah, normal guys don’t really go to this extent
8. Can’t you do your makeup more naturally?
19. It’s because there are still a lot of people who think that men with makeup are gay

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