Seeing their M Countdown fancam, she’s the only one getting it wrong..
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1. [+56, -1]
Gisells was wrong even in their choreography video
2. [+52, -2]
This one is legendary
3. [+43, -2]
She made mistakes in America too. She just makes mistakes all the time
4. [+28, 0]
Honestly speaking, Aespa are all out of sync ㅠ and they only have 4 members

5. [+28, -2]
This is a bit severe. If she was originally bad at dancing, then she should’ve practiced more intensely. But the SEA or Japanese people are always flooding in the YT comments praising Giselle, these comments get a bunch of likes too. Are they acting like that because they pity her?

6. [+24, -1]
Ningning is the main vocal + aims for the China money so she has her worth. Giselle is half-Korean so it’s not like she has merit in Japan either (their popularity in Japan is Winter> Karina >>>>>> rest) I bet that they had a lot of options among their trainees who know how to speak foreign languages so it’s a bit interesting how they picked Giselle who had such a short training periodㅋㅋ I think that they put her in the debut team as soon as she joined the company
7. [+23, 0]
Kar-Win-Ning are all doing their own job. Seriously, no matter how much backing she had when coming in, she should at least put in just as much effort. It’s already been 2 years but it seems like she made no improvement

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