Look at the difference in goods when the members participate in creating them and when they don’t.

Seeing it like that, it really makes you wonder why the company even exists…?
J-Hope participated in the production of these goods
(they followed J-hope’s opinion about making a bigger scrunchie than usual scrunchies, which you can wear as a bracelet for your daily look and accessories your hair)
(Woody and musk base with vanilla. Middle note of spicy balsam with soft jasmine. Top note of powdery scent)
Compared to the goods that Bighit createdㅋ they were like that;;;

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1. [+90, -0]

Seriously it feels like the ones at the bottom aren’t even askking to be bought

2. [+71, -1]
No matter how you think of it, there’s no meaning for Hybe’s existance
3. [+67, -1]
For real, Hybe should just quit the entertainment industry
4. [+24, -0]
J-hope’s goods are so well-made… Even his 4×4 bag

(pic for ref)

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I want that scrunchieㅠ
6. [+15, -0]
J-hupe seriously has a good eye
7. [+14, -0]
Seeing all J-hope’s goods lined up like that makes me realize how much of a gap there is. I want to buy the goods that Hobie made