“BL dramas, actors indeed want to do it”

A production official said, “Actors can get recognized for their acting skills in BL dramas and gain popularity, expanding the pie.” Another official comments, “BL dramas have a solid consumer base and can quickly spread word of mouth online,” and explained that the actors [who played in BLs] formed a solid fandom.
An entertainment official also pointed out, “These days, actors even talk about wanting to fist appear in ‘bromance’ or BL genre.”
source: here
1. Stop this already…
2. Please do a lot of them
3. From the perspective of someone who reads a lot og BLs, I don’t want to watch any live actions… Keep 2D to 2D
4. Of course, every person is different, but seeing how everyone used to avoid these dramas like plague and now suddenly consider it a stepping stone for success is… damn..
5. The people who hate seeing so many BLs appearing, would you also hate GL dramas?
6. I like the fact that a lot of them are appearing! I hope that it’ll lead to more quality BLs
7. Just give us To My Star season 3
8. Honestly, rather than wanting to act in them, I feel like they’re more using the momentum for themselves. It’s so obvious that I feel antipathy towards it now
9. It’s nice, but I really hope they pick people who are familiar to the genre to play in them ^-^…
10. Seeing how much business gay performances are hot among the idol industry, you can’t help but see that there’s indeed some level of demand..