[teens stories] I WANNA BECOME REI

She’s my ideal beauty
But I wonder what’s so unique about IVE’s Rei..
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1. [+60, -1]
She’s a cute Japanese girl but she’s also tall and has nice proportions so she has that odd aura
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The best comment is right. She’s super cute but because she’s tall, she has that aura
3. [+15, 0]
She looks a bit chic but she’s also tall and her personality is cute
4. [+11, 0]
She’s totally round and looks like a baby…. she’s my unnie but she’s f*cking cute. In my standard, she’s unrivaled and so different from the other foreigners

5. [+8, 0]

I’ve heard a few times that I look like Rei (by the way, I’m way uglier than Rei. I’m short but people just say we have similar vibes). People say we look alike a lot because of our white skin, round face and full bangs
6. [+4, 0]
Seriously pretty

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