“OP: Hello baby
Girlfriend: Who’s your baby? You’re f*cking uglyㅋㅋㅋ
OP: Oh………?
Girlfriend: You didn’t understand? I’m telling you I’m breaking up
OP: Really..??
Girlfriend: Yupㅋㅋ
Girlfriend: Hello…?”
He changed his image like this
Anyways, he changed
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1. [+187, -2]
That’s right, just do something…
2. [+145, -3]
But didn’t he film that because he really believes that he’s handsome??
3. [+90, -1]
But he really filmed that thinking that he’s actually handsome? For real? Eyy no way, he probably filmed it thinking he’s being funny
4. [+40, -8]
To be honest, am I the only one who finds guys with makeup so-so?… I do think that guys need to manage themselves too but I just hope that they put on sunscreen, clean their eyebrows and put on lip balm and that’s it. It depends on your personal preference so there’s no right or wrong. I find guys who wear foundation, contouring, eye shadow who draw thick eyebrows off-putting and so-so… As for celebrities, they get their makeup done in beauty shops when they appear on TV so it’s different
5. [+31, 0]
You’re telling me he changed?
6. [+23, -1]
The after is also so-so. If he doesn’t manage himself while he’s dating, of course you would want to break up…