Former AOA’s Jimin has found a new agency and plans to resume her activities in the entertainment industry.
On July 14 KST, ALO MALO Entertainment stated, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Shin Jimin.”
Jimin also relayed her thoughts through her new agency by stating, “I am greeting you from a new agency. I have had a lot of thoughts and spent a lot of time to reflect on my past. I still feel cautious but I plan to move forward step by step. Please watch over my future activities.”
Meanwhile, Jimin previously departed from AOA after being accused of bullying by another former AOA member Mina.
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1. Wasn’t she the assailant though? Didn’t she admit to her wrongs????
> She didn’t acknowledge tormenting Mina. She said that she couldn’t fulfill her role as a leader and was sorry. Since then, public opinion has been reversed as the Kakao Talk conversations have been disclosed.
2. I support you
3. It was a shame she stopped because she was talented so this is a relief, fighting
4. I wanna see Jimin on stage
5. I hope she hits big
6. She had such a hard time so of course I will support her no matter what she does. I hope we can meet again on screen
7. She seriously had a hard time pulling her team from an young age. I support her. I hope to see her a lot on broadcast
8. I’m worried that that other person will get triggered again
9. From what I see, Jimin hasn’t even done anything wrong. It was a shame only to AOA since they disbandedㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
10. To be honest, she wasn’t a victimㅋㅋ both of them were the same so seeing people supporting her is oba

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