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1. I wonder if cameras can even capture his looks in real life…. I don’t think so… he doesn’t look real. He’s the handsomest in the universe

2. This one is seriously freaking pretty

3. Wow his face bone structure is f*cking awesome. He doesn’t have a bad angle

4. Cameras will never be able to capture his real life looks
5. Eunwoo is seriously freaking awesome in real life. Cameras can’t even capture half of half of his visuals
6. I went to the IFC Mall today and it seems like he was filming some kind of soy sauce CF?? I think it was a fansignㅋㅋㅋ freaking handsome..

7. He’s not a 2D?;

8. Seriously, all my stress goes down every time I see his pictures
9. I’m honestly so annoyed, please date me
10. Husband