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1. Nayeon, congrats congrats
2, Kyaaah Nayeonie, congrats!
4. Nayeon wrapped up her music shows promotions so it’s a shame that she didn’t promote longer. Congrats on winning #1
5. The weather is getting hotter so I’ve been listening to Nayeon’s song even more
6. Congrats congrats. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see her receive the awardㅠ
7. She needs to prepare Twice’s Japanese and comeback album so it’s a shame that she could only promote for a week…
8. Is that her first #1? It would’ve been better if she could receive it during her promotions but congrats congrats
9. Nayeon, congrats congrats. Looking at this picture, all Big3 companies are gathered here
10. I saw her Bubble and ran hereㅜㅜ congrats

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