They filmed this video while singing live… the dance looks simple but the point and sharp angles are so clean

I like this kind of choreography where you can hear their heels’ sound so much better than the CHOOM videos since they give off a sense of realism

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1. [+25, -1]
Their bodies’ chemistry is good and their dance lines are well-presented? So their dancing gives off that clean vibe
2. [+23, 0]
I became a fan after seeing their Not Shy live dance video so I prefer these over their CHOOM dancesㅋㅋ
3. [+22, -1]
ITZY’s dance this time is perfect including Lia. It’s not a criticism but I find it a shame that they didn’t have that dance break in the chorus that’s unique to ITZY this time
4. [+6, -2]
Lia is no longer the hole here and is doing good. She honestly stood out in their debut days but the 5 of them seem to share one body now
5. [+5, 0]
The dance is pretty! Also, they look super sharp! I wonder how much they practicedㅜㅜ