F*cking pretty ㅜ

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But it’s not like Goeun was fully a commoner either and she even appeared on TV before so is there a reason why we can’t talk about her on enter-talk? There are even enter-talks about YouTubers or influencers from time to time and Goeun even gets sponsors on her Insta and has over 220K followers so can you really say that she’s a commoner?
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If she got facial massages and managed herself like Giselle did, she would’ve been super pretty and would’ve been super popular. She had good skills too
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She’s been an SM trainee for 10 years and when SM revealed their rookies, they were 4 smaller female rookies and they even appeared on Mini Mouse Club.. Her proportions and body were good, her face was pretty, her voice color was pretty, she was good at dancing and even had good leadership skills. She’s the one on the right with the ponytail in the gifㅎㅎ Eunie is so pretty so thank you for always letting know what you’re up toㅠㅠ

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It’s good to see that she looks happy.. If she debuted, she would’ve been so popular

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Yeri left a commentㅠ I liked the unnies in the small rookies so much ㅜㅜ
(Yeri: Your looks are dripping out (T/N: wordplay with PSY’s show “Dripping/wet show (literal translation)”)
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She’s seriously pretty ㅎㅎ She matches those shalala dresses too