I feel confused and “stumble?” a bit because I don’t know how to write a topic of this kind, especially since English is not my first language, so I think I’ll have a hard time explaining my problem.
I am very sorry, because I think it is a trivial and superficial matter for the problems that most people face in their lives, but I will tell it anyway.
I am a high school student, in fact an A student. After a while, I will have to choose the major that I will study at the university, and this is the root of the whole problem.
 The only major that excellent students in my country go to is medicine. My family is all doctors and pharmacists, and even my older sister, who entered the university last year, is a medical student. Everyone expects me to follow the same path. Seriously, this is the most talked about topic when my name is mentioned.
 Honestly, I find it comforting that I’m not the kind of person who cares about other people’s opinions on such matters, I don’t give a shit to any expectations and I only care about myself since everyone around me is well off and doesn’t need any financial support.
But actually, I’m confused what to choose? I am excellent at studying but I do not have any interests/hobbies, I just love swimming and acting and I am great at both (getting a career in these two fields is completely impossible for me especially since I am a girl + I live in a country like mine) and so This road is blocked.
 Nothing interests me even though I have tried to find new hobbies and I am honest with myself, so I think that I lack creativity and innovation , Therefore, I think that it is impossible for me to succeed in any field that needs them .
– In fact, all I wanted from writing this post was to ask you to write down your jobs (if you have one), how you chose it, what you studied at university, how you chose this major that you followed, and if your job is related to what you studied ( i don’t know if this is how it works ), since I’m tired of advices and they all seemed useless, I think this method is much more effective since I believe that knowing other people’s personal experiences is also a way to learn the truth about many things.
– So if you don’t mind, I hope you will respond to my request please and thank you very very very much (I think my writing style seems very strange and silly isn’t it? I’m really sorry).

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