I’m so f*cking fed up with BTS’ maknae line’s akgaes. They keep making rumors about each other, spreading them in articles, fabricating dating rumorsㅋㅋㅋ And I bet the comments will all be about ‘V’s akgaes are like so’ ‘Jimin’s akgaes are worse’ ‘This is an act from Jungkook’s akgaes’ they’ll probably start another competition in the comments. As a bystander looking at them, they’re all the same to me honestly

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+ Edit: I’m a BTS all-fan and as I grasped the situation, I’ll correct my comment. I know that I left the comment, but I know that someone’s akgae fandom will come and drag the other 6 members in to write hate posts about it and upvote themselves to bring this post to the trending page. Please everyone just fangirl prettily, let’s protect the image of the 7 members. BTS’ haters are no joke lately and it’s too late to remove anything once it’s out. And especially on Pann, those gallery people are flooding in and there are more and more of those anti b*tches. Let’s not feed the posts writen maliciously
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This is true
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Aren’t they acting like they’re criminals? Looking at the situation lately, it’s gotten severe
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V-Jungkook’s akgaes are always ganging up to act like victims, that’s the fact
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What “the same”? Who else aside from Jimin’s akgaes would stop mass streaming the moment it’s a group comeback or another member going solo? ㅋㅋ And I know that people who have left BTS’ fandom all joined Jimin’s fandom. When I joined the fandom, it was like a forest of glares everywhere, but you’re saying that all 3 are the same? + just looking at what happened overnight today, I took a capture of the BTS gallery and they were trying to shield Jimin, they would only shield in in that trash site, but not the fans of the other 6 members
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Anyone can tell that Jimin’s akgaes are the ones who are going here and there spreading things though..?
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Honestly speaking, it’s true that Jimin’s akgaes are the worst. His fans don’t want to acknowledge that he’s 3rd so they always fabricate things to make it seem like he’s always the 1st. They act like momsㅡ Seeing how their age demographic is like that, they have the most time to be spending their energy on stuff like liking articles, leaving comments, etc.

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