So I have an extremely pretty friend.

Pale skin, good proportions, small head, pretty eyes, V shape chin, long pretty hair she has everything Koreans would love. Anyways we were both high schooler that time.
I studied like hell to go to Korea meanwhile she didn’t.
She preferred to open an instagram and tik tok account and since she is a goddess, her followers went up quickly. And all she did in her videos was to playback to songs…I was like fine whatever. But then I heard she earned lots of money for a high schooler.
I was still like fine whatever.
But then I heard since she was also a Kpop fan, she went to some culture festival and got casted by a Korean company as a model. I got accepted to a top university in our country when this happened but honestly I was jealous. When I was busy with my studies and going to a top university, she was already living my dream life. Because she was born pretty.
She went to Seoul and her modeling company paid all her living expenses. She earned a lot like a lot. She even got the chance to meet some idols through her job. She went to concerts. She got a handsome model boyfriend. She is always boasting about how people treat her so nicely because she is pretty. Tbh, even if I graduateed this university, I would never be able to earn the money she earns and live the dream life she lives.
And this thoughts makes me wanna drop out of university. I cry at nights comparing my hard work to hers and the lives we are living. Am I pathetic? What should I do? Btw I am ugly and I have no money to fix that either.