Of ever there was a kid so pretty that they can’t even be compared to you and that she was in the same academy, class, school club or group project as you, would you hate to be in the same place as her? Supposing that aside from that girl and you, everyone else is a guy. What would you think?
Vote up – you would hate to be with her
Vote down – you don’t care
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1. [+116, -15]
If I can get compared to her, of course I would hate it. I’ll feel that I’ll be treated differently too
2. [+113, -11]
They will all stick to that girl so… It’s not that I will hate the girl but what I hate the most are Hannams who will f*cking talkshit behind our backs
3. [+64, -19]
Unless she’s someone who’s crazy about guys or someone who can’t reject guys and just takes in everything, I think that I would like her since I can be friends with her. As for the way guys will treat me, they already treat me like sh*t now so I wouldn’t care
4. [+55, -5]
Maybe because of the Inha University incident, I feel like having 1 girl and 30 guys around me will be like horror so I wouldn’t be able to be at such place. It will be PTSD (T/N: yesterday, there was a news where male students s*xually harassed and murdered a female student at Inha University leading to a gender war. Read more here)
5. [+25, -1]
I like pretty kids though. If she’s pretty and kind on top of that, isn’t it nice?