They’re shaking hands just fine and randomly, they just lift their arms out, everyone looks like their arms were broken. This is the ultimate rudeness

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1. You can’t even tell from the pose that this is what they were planning to do, at least consult with them first? Why would you randomly lift someone’s arm like that. The kids must’ve been so shocked. Just looking at them makes me embarrassed and uncomfortableㅠㅠ Tehy’re ambassadors for the World EXPO where everyone around the world is watching, can they do it right at least?
2. Why is everyone in Yoon’s administration acting like that? Why do they all act so vulgar one and the other? It makes me wonder if they’re doing it on purpose at this rate
3. It’s way too rude. They could’ve just hand shook first then ask them if it’s ok to do the ‘mansae’ post… Sigh
4. The way they’re acting so vulgar is making me so mad. Seriously every time I see those bas*trds I get frustrated to death
5. Crazy rude. They had to hurry to take pictures and this is what they thought of doing?
6. Why would you raise someone’s hand like thatㅋㅋㅋ It’s way too weirdㅋㅋㅋ
7. The fans overseas must be watching this too, and the wording sucked so bad and it was embarrassing. They have no consideration towards BTS which makes me even more annoyed
8. Seriously what in the hell are they doing? I want to erase this memory of the deterioration of the national prestige but I can’t. They don’t even know how to keep the basic manners;; Do they not see the members’ taken aback expressions and feeling uncomfortable? Or are they pretending?
If this was his left hand, it would’ve been totally awful. Look at the way he’s holding and dangling his hand aroundㅠㅠ
9. It’s because people like them have lived their entire life not caring about others that they do it without thinking
10. Ah I’m freaking pissed off. You can clearly see what they’re thinking right now. Those f*ckers are freaking rude;;; They’re ignorant and vulgar, I seriously hate them so much

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